December 2003 Newsletter

Our Perfect Playground

Hey Guys...
We are going to start sending this newsletter each month so that you will know what is going on within the league. It will contain important dates for upcoming tournaments and other useful information. If you have anything you would like added in the newsletter, please feel free to contact me at:

Remember that we now have a birthday calendar on our home page. Take the time to add your birthday so that Vegas can hold a special tournament in your honor.

Speaking of birthdays St. Nick told us that the one and only, sh0cker, was having one soon.
D0 will be hosting his birthday tournament on December 15th @ 9:30pm.
There will be a 5000 bux donation to the winners of Powder Puff's bash.

Here's the link so that we can get signed up now for the celebration.
Powder Puff's Birthday Bash

Here is a list of other special tournaments we have planned for this month:

Battle of League Qualifier #1 was won by p0p and d0. Thanks for all who came and played we had a TERRIFIC turnout.

The second qualifier will be Wednesday, December 10th @ 9:30pm
Qualifier Two

The girls sh0wed the guys up last month, so every0ne get ready to battle it out again.
Battle of the Sexes will be December 20th @ 9:30pm
Guys Register Here

Girls Register Here

Finally, we will close out the month with our Tournament of Champions on December 28th @ 9:30pm
You will receive a special invitation to this tournament.

Thanks again for the role you play in making OPP so great! On behalf of all of us on the staff at OPP, we hope you have a safe and w0nderful holiday.
Happy H0lidays!